Siri in Kiswahili means “secret”, and this is why I chose my pseudonym in the first place, I did not want to give away who I am in the first place, although I may do so one day, one never knows.

I am already writing a personalized blog, however, I now started this one to focus on anthropology and also on feminism, without any other topics that come across my way. These have their place at my other blog.

Besides, my other blog is not in English and I wanted to have an English blog, too, for feeling better connected to the anthro blog sphere which I only fairly recently began to explore.

I am a social anthropologist currently employed by an international NGO. Over the recent months I rediscovered my interest in academic anthropology and am seriously thinking of beginning a PhD project, and the many thoughts and ideas I have while reading I consider worthwile posting here.

Thus, I consider this blog as some kind of electronic notebook in which I can keep notes, sort out my thoughs and hopefully receive a number of comments, themselves stirring up new thoughts and ideas.

Welcome everyone!

Whoever wants to contact me, you can do this under anniehall79@web.de

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